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Anthony Giuffrida

At an early age I developed an interest in Martial Arts. I became a student of Shaolin Kung Fu in 1994 and made it a way of life. I began instructing in 2001 and continue to teach up to present date. I have competed in many traditional tournaments over the years as well as Chinese Kickboxing and Cage fights. I am a gold medalist recipient from United States Kuo Shu Federation 2016 and a certified personal trainer.  Along with my Martial Arts experience, I am also a certified and active personal trainer. I truly enjoy when a client comes to me with the passion to better themselves in physical fitness! This is my area of expertise! I can help you. It makes me feel just as amazing as you to see your transformation through our progress. In my teaching, I stay true to the philosophy of my system based on becoming a better version of yourself inside and outside of class. I focus on the mental aspects of training as well as the physical; helping improve overall quality of life. I am very happy to say that all of my teachings and experience tie in together to create a very well rounded program to fit the needs of the clients in our group classes, as well as in the personal one-on-one sessions. 

Sparta Shaolin Kung Fu

Located at Sparta Athletic Club

115 Sparta Avenue

Sparta, NJ 07871


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